We’ll help keep the drama on the pitch and out of the boardroom. We have crafted complex film financing arrangements, represented iconic theatre assets and our access to elite sports brands is unrivalled.

Our in-depth knowledge of the global sports and entertainment industries is underpinned by some of the most illustrious industry veterans with successful track records in both inward and outward investment. We empower our clients to realise their current objectives and help shape attainable long-term goals, allowing them to grow and sustain their interests in a highly competitive market.

The multi-billion dollar sports and entertainment industry shows continuous growth, aided by a recovery in TV advertising and the rise of Pay-Per-View. In 2014, sports sponsorship alone was worth an estimated $55bn. We help companies claim their share of that booming market, enabling them to profit from the wealth of media and advertising opportunities. We are advisors to some of the world’s leading football, rugby and sports clubs, top athletes and motor racing franchises.

If you are looking to maximise revenue, our Sports Advisory team will help you secure sponsorship deals to generate brand recognition. Our entertainment team understands how to develop and protect intellectual property across US, European and Asian markets.

For those looking to expand their interests through mergers and acquisitions or disposals, our team can assist to make the transaction run simply and smoothly.