From assessing whether a project is right for the ICO space; through to helping with executive appointments; developing the white paper; planning the marketing strategy; delivering the technology and completion of the fund-raising process WGP have got you covered. Our in-house ICO team, and outside partners can cover the ICO process from beginning to end; saving you money and vastly increasing the chance of a successful token listing.

A list of our services are as follows:

Project Assessment & Management

We ensure that the project is suitable for an ICO and will have a high chance of success. We manage the efficient and effective execution of the project and the ICO itself and co-ordinate the timelines and deliverables required by all parties.

  • ICO Suitability Assessment
  • White Paper Assessment
  • Complete Project Management
  • Day-to-Day Task Management
  • Status Reporting
  • ICO Administration
  • Project Assessment
  • Exchange Suitability Assessment

Legal Structure and Compliance

Our legal and business experts will ensure that the company and project are domiciled in the appropriate jurisdictions for optimisation of legal and tax obligations and are wholly compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. We believe in ensuring that the companies we work with do more than the minimum due diligence on investors and adhere fully to the highest standards of KYC / AML and GDPR compliance.

  • Legal Entity Architecture and Creation
  • Tax Advice and Consultation
  • QCs Opinions (if necessary)
  • Legal Documents
  • Global Company Registration and Banking Services
  • Trademark and IP Registration
  • GDPR / AML / KYC – Planning and Implementation

Non-Exec/Advisory Board Members and Private Placement Fundraising

After our structural analysis is complete we have access to a broad range of advisors and non-Executive directors to ensure that the company is supported in all relevant business and technical areas. We also have a network of HNWIs, hedge funds and family offices who are able to help raise money via private placements, prior to the ICO going live.

  • Pre-ICO Funding
  • Investor Relationships
  • Advisory Board members
  • Independent Directors
  • Tax/Insurance/Secretarial/Payroll Services

Technical Strategy White Paper Optimisation

We ensure that all current best practices are followed with the completed white paper and that both the business and technical structure of the project will stand up to all external scrutiny. We also ensure that both the business and token are structured in such a way to ensure the greatest ROI to token investors.

  • Business Model Evaluation and Consulting
  • Technical Model Evaluation and Consulting
  • Optimisation of White Paper
  • Establishment of Blockchain and Token Structure
  • Development of Token Sales Mechanics
  • Design of Token Economic Model
  • Development of Bespoke Wallets
  • Optimisation of Management Structure
  • Optimisation of Use of Funds (Roadmap)

Technical Architecture & Blockchain Development

We ensure that the technical side of the ICO is solid both from the company’s side and the delivery of a smooth token issuing process. Our expert software and hardware engineering team have been working on blockchain development for over a decade; since the days of merging SQL engines with NoSQL datastores – the technology that came to underpin distributed ledger technology (blockchain).

  • Technical Assessment and Support
  • Software and Code Reviews and Revisions
  • Security Audits and Implementation
  • Technical Quality Assurance
  • Blockchain Integration
  • Token Architecture
  • Wallet Delivery
  • Multiple Payment Platforms Established
  • Smart Contract Development and Integration

Marketing, PR & Corporate Communications

Marketing is one of the key components for a successful ICO. A company may have a great product but if it is presented in a sub-par format or the wider world does not get to hear about it then an ICO will never succeed. WGP provide over 20 years of branding and website development expertise alongside an expert IRPR and community building team. We also have PR advisors with direct contact to all of the major UK national papers and broadcast media and a bespoke in-house “Hype-Index” to feedback the success of a campaign at any given point.

  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • Corporate Branding and Design
  • Website Development and Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social Media – Platform Management and Community Building
  • Animation and YouTube Production
  • Bounty Campaigns
  • Global Influencer and Forum Reach
  • Bespoke ICO Campaign Research and Monitoring Tools

Post-ICO Token Support

Too many companies make the mistake of thinking that the job is over once the ICO money has been raised. In our opinion this is where the hard work starts, as a successful ICO delivers short and long-value for token investors as well as funds for the company. To succeed in this endeavour a long-term PR strategy and community management campaign must be put into place.

  • PR Strategy
  • Market Monitoring
  • Community Management
  • Investor Relations PR (IRPR)#
  • Social Media Updates
  • Bespoke post-ICO Research & Monitoring Tools
  • Liquidity Management