Entrusting your compliance function to us means your corporate responsibilities are taken care of, so you can operate legally and with confidence.

Our cross-border specialism means we can help businesses with their global expansion across multiple regulatory regimes.

When it comes to compliance, even the smallest oversight can have a major impact on your profits and tarnish the good reputation you’ve worked so hard to build. We can manage the whole process, protecting you against business risks that could otherwise spell disaster.

Now one of the biggest concerns for directors and investors is their corporate responsibility. Compliance regulations have become increasingly stringent in the wake of the financial crisis and businesses face what may seem like a never-ending list of reporting and regulatory tasks.

Failure to adhere to anti-money laundering controls, capital adequacy rules and corporate governance can lead not only to a damaged reputation and reduced shareholder value, but can result in criminal action against company directors and large fines.

If you are expanding into new markets and foreign countries, you will need to learn how their regulatory systems work. Our team has years of experience in European, UK and international compliance. We advise on the risks you need to consider, and we take responsibility for making sure you meet requirements so that you can concentrate on running your business with peace of mind.