China-Britain Business Council

The China–Britain Business Council (CBBC) is the leading British organisation promoting trade and investment between the UK and China.

The objective of CBBC is to assist any British company or organisation to do business in China. It works in close collaboration with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), for whom it delivers China business development services. CBBC organises missions to the Chinese market; identifies business opportunities; and provides research as well as a range of other practical services for UK companies in the market.

The CBBC Board is made up of senior business people from companies with a strong China interest. They represent a wide variety of business sectors and work for large, as well as small and medium sized companies. Senior representatives of UK Trade & Investment and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office sit on the Board as observers.



Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council

The Commonwealth Enterprise and Investment Council was established in July 2014 with the support of the Commonwealth Secretariat. The CWEIC is a not for profit membership company with a mandate to facilitate increased trade and investment across the Commonwealth.

The purpose of the Council is to promote trade and investment by facilitating engagement between Government and the private sector throughout the Commonwealth.

Central to CWEIC’s work is the understanding that businesses require a set of values under which trade and investment can take place; transparency; good governance; respect for the rule of law; enforceable physical and intellectual property rights; equal opportunities and a diverse workforce and an overarching understanding that financial probity from government and the private sector is key to a flourishing business environment.




UKIHMA promotes and grows the capability of UK providers to manage healthcare services internationally. We cultivate relationships between commercial organisations and public (NHS) institutions and in doing so develop trust, confidence and capability.

For a healthcare facility to operate efficiently, either as a new build or an upgraded site, a wide range of skills are required to work together to support the clinical interventions. UKIHMA members can rapidly come together to create a consortium that brings these elements together providing a unique offer.