About us

Specialists in all aspects of business, law & finance

Who we are

Our particular specialism lies in connecting Asia with the rest of the world, compliance and corporate governance and business projects that span several jurisdictions and regulatory regimes.

With an original background in law and corporate finance, WGP was conceived in 2009 to combine the Founders’ expertise, experience and networks to create what has grown into the WGP Global of today. A multi-generational practice built on traditional values and integrity, complemented by a progressive, modern approach to doing business in a borderless world.

Today WGP Global is represented by our team of legal, compliance and regulatory experts, captains of industry, diplomats, academics, thought-leaders in geopolitics & international affairs across many industries and specialisms.

Our advisers include seasoned business veterans alongside exceptional young talent to ensure our clients are equipped with the knowledge and support they need to survive in a fast changing economic environment and at every stage in their business growth.

Since launching the London flagship office, WGP Global has expanded both geographically and in depth and breadth of expertise through its strategic offices in Malta and Hong Kong. Together we strive to nurture long-term business relationships with our clients, built on trust, respect and an innate understanding of your needs as they evolve.

Whether it’s corporate finance, tax, compliance or project management, your interests are safe in our hands.