Lloyd’s of London is launching a global insurtech sandbox in the name of reinvention

20th June 2018

For the first time in its 330 year history, insurance behemoth Lloyd’s of London is launching a global innovation sandbox to find tech talent that can develop new solutions as it attempts to digitise.  Nicknamed Lloyd’s Lab, the new initiative will see corporate #innovation specialist L Marks go on the hunt for entrepreneurs, early and growth stage #insurtech startups to partner with the Lloyd’s market.

Crypto Economics 2018

19th June 2018

Crypto assets stand at a fascinating crossroads in 2018. Institutional and professional interest is more widespread than ever, as large swathes of investors realise the huge potential of this emerging asset class. Central banks and regulators are also paying attention, and assessing how best to define governance frameworks and oversight to create efficient, fair and transparent markets without hindering innovation. It may still be a nascent market with structural challenges that must be addressed, but crypto assets offer investors far greater transparency and less reliance on middlemen than traditional financial markets. The infrastructure is more modern and shows real promise to be far more efficient, and suspicions are gradually being assuaged as scepticism of crypto assets is replaced by an appreciation of the opportunities they present.

World Cup 2018: Chinese Companies Emerge As Major Sponsors

18th June 2018

Significant investment from Chinese companies was not enough to prevent the value of World Cup sponsorship falling for this summer’s tournament, a report has revealed. The Nielsen Sports World Football Report 2018 found FIFA’s sponsorship revenue for the 2015-2018 cycle was $1.45 billion, down from $1.62 billion for 2011-2014, which included the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.The vast majority of FIFA’s sponsorship income comes from the World Cup, held at the end of each four-year sponsorship cycle. Since being engulfed by a corruption scandal, FIFA has lost key World Cup sponsors including Sony, Johnson & Johnson and Castrol, with Nielsen finding the 2015-2018 cycle was “a tougher sell than the previous two.” A new crop of sponsors, including several from China, helped FIFA “weather the storm,” the report said. #SportsSponsorship #GlobalSportsMarketing #WorldCup2018

Most Successful ICOs of 2018 So Far

15th June 2018

According to CoinSchedule, ICOs raised almost $7.8 billion during the first few months of 2018. To put that figure into perspective, ICOs raised about $5.6 billion over the entirety of 2017. A handful of factors are at work in creating the ICO world’s highest-grossing period yet. Mainstream interest in crypto in late 2017 drove higher revenue the next quarter. And a few companies drove the entire industry upwards with mega-ICOs, raising hundreds of millions of dollars. So who are the most successful ICOs of 2018 so far? Defining “success” in ICOs is tricky. Is it raising the most money? Developing the most loyal user base? Building the best product? Here are a few companies who have met different metrics for success in the 2018 ICO market so far.

The UK has been crowned the tech unicorn capital of Europe, home to over a third of the continent’s billion dollar startups

14th June 2018

The UK has established itself as Europe’s tech powerhouse, playing home to 37 per cent of Europe’s unicorn-status tech firms and topping the list of global destinations for tech talent. New figures show the UK claims 13 of Europe’s 34 unicorns – referring to companies with a $1bn valuation – including Deliveroo, Benevolent AI and Oaknorth Bank. As a result, the UK’s unicorns now represent $23bn (£17.1bn) out of a combined value of $62bn for all 34 companies, making it the continent’s premier location for fast-growing technology firms.

Adidas laces up to cash in on the World Cup

13th June 2018

Adidas, in competition with archrival Nike, is waging a vast and costly marketing campaign for the World Cup. With millions of balls and millions of shirts in stock, billions of euros are at stake. German sports equipment maker Adidas has been the title of world’s top football brand ever since the West German team won the World Cup for the first time in 1954 with boots provided by the company founder, Adi Dassler.

Amazon’s Premier League deal has riled fans, but that’s a good thing

12th June 2018

The latest auction for the right to show Premier League football on television looks like a great deal for the top flight of English football. For fans, less so. Taking to Twitter, they blame Amazon. The e-commerce giant’s first move into live football streaming in the UK, buying the rights to show 20 Premier League matches from 2019 for three years, certainly helped the Premier League out of a pickle. Two of its rights packages had gone unsold, until Amazon swooped in and bought it for a highly discounted (but so far undisclosed) price.

Tokens all the way down

11th June 2018

Today in solutions searching for problems, Blackmoon claims to be “the first company in history to tokenize an IPO”. From the inevitable pitch for coverage: “Blackmoon is launching the token sale of the BMxXMI asset token, which will give crypto investors the opportunity to ‘ride the wave’ of the performance of Xiaomi shares during its IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange next month.” Yet Xiaomi, the Chinese consumer electronics group, is already going public through the mainstream finance version of tokens on tokens. As the FT has reported, the group is looking to issue some of the first China Depositary Receipts, according to a banker on the IPO. As the FT described them:

Finance Industry Slams Google’s Crypto Ban As ‘Unethical’ and ‘Unfair’

8th June 2018

Finance industry executives have argued that Google’s decision to ban cryptocurrency advertising is not only ill-conceived, but unethical. Facebook and Twitter have enacted similar bans. The ban covers cryptocurrencies, ICOs, crypto exchanges, crypto wallets and crypto trading advice.

Ripple sets up $50 million blockchain research fund for universities

7th June 2018

Payments company Ripple is launching a $50 million fund to finance blockchain and crypto research at universities.The new fund highlights the early-stage nature of blockchain and crypto tech, which many companies around the world are trying to use to create commercial ventures.